Busy, tiring, fun weekend — so much so that I took a hiatus from posting. (Can you take a hiatus after three days? …) Back on schedule tomorrow.

Day 3 – Juxtaposition

One of my favorite things about Chicago — and living very downtown — is the juxtaposition of tall gleaming skyscrapers with beautiful old buildings that have stood there for decades. Walking down the street, half the buildings it seems has a plaque announcing its historical significance. Sadly, nowadays, they are no longer home to independent publishing… More Day 3 – Juxtaposition

New Project

It is once again time for me to revisit my sorely abandoned blog, and reboot my writing life. This time, with pictures. Besides finally writing at least two book reviews (BAD Classics Club member), I wanted to come up with a concept that will not only get me writing but will get me looking at… More New Project