Day 1–Come and Go

For day one of the Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge, we are to write a poem about a new arrival. “The new arrival could be a baby or a person. The new arrival might be a car or other piece of technology. Heck, the new arrival might be an idea or poem.”

I did a free-form poem; I always like to play with rhythm and repetition.  One of my intentions with all this poeming is to get better at creating imagery and stories through poetry, but here, I decided to take it way easy on me and just did free-writing on the concept of arrivals–and departures, apparently.

It’s really rough right now (you don’t have to tell me).  After April ends, I’ll be coming back and seeing if there is any way to save it from the digital trash can.

Come into this world
Come into my world
Where did you come from why are you here?

It’s a new world now,
It’s a day it’s a moment it’s a year,
It’s nothing we know
It’s nothing we’ve had before
Or expect to have again;
It’s a life never seen never to be seen.

How does this happen, this come and go?
How can we be here and there and here all the same?
It’s neverending, the beginning, the starting, the arriving,
We never know where to start
Where to end
Where to come from
Where to go to.

It’s time to learn:
Open the door and
Let it in.
Let’s start fresh and new and clean,
Start without the pain—
It will come later.
It will arrive when it wants to.

The world does not stay still.
For every arrival, there is departure
A leaving
A hole
The world—your world—comes to an end.
The happy moment of arrival is fleeting, impermanent
It lasts for seconds
And you want it to go just to come again.


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