Day 2–Summer Sun

Day 2!

This one was a little harder; I’m struggling with creating pictures more with my poems and less focusing on the frame of mind, to push myself farther with my writing.  Today was a “Two for Tuesday” two-prompter; you could pick one or the other, or be REALLY ambitious and go for both.  The prompts were “Write a dark poem” and “Write a bright poem”.  Some could even put the two together and write a poem about brightness and darkness.  If you were a crazy awesome poet, of course.  I fought with both, but my “bright” poem definitely won the day.

If I ever feel masochistic, I’ll post my failed attempt at darkness–cuz it is TRULY GOD-AWFUL.

Summer Sun

Streaks of light
        break through the leaves
and the rain-damp ground yields a little under my tiptoes.
Face upturned,
I close my eyes against the
robin’s egg
reveling in the brightness peeking
through my eyelids,
as the tall green blades
tickle my bare legs,
my white dress now speckled with mud, stained by grass.
I perch myself
atop a broad stone warmed by the sun,
I wrap my arms around my
brown knees and I listen—
listen to the music of crickets,
of birds,
of the summer wind
and I breathe in deeply the quiet scent
of lavender and dew;
and the rest of the world falls away.
But you.


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