Day 3–Maybe

The theme of the third day of the Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge is “tentative”. We are told to write a tentative poem: “The poem could be about a tentative date, a tentative person, a tentative situation. The narrator could be tentative. The subject could be tentative.”

I started by looking up synonyms for the word “tentative” and two characters emerged–one standoffish and reserved, the other dependent and uncertain.  As they are clearly incompatible, I could only imagine a break-up.  It might be fun later to expand it, to include more descriptions of each and talk about their beginning as well as their ending.  If it is ending, of course…


She sits and waits.
If she stays still,
Nothing changes.
If he doesn’t speak,
Nothing changes.
She holds her breath,
Depends on him to begin
To start it all
      To end it all.
He stands and
Walks to the door,
She half-rises from her chair,
Still waiting.
Maybe? he thinks.
For a moment he looks at her,
And he can see his future life;
family dinners and
                  summer road trips
lazy Sundays and
                  midnight feedings
doctor visits and
                  mortgage payments
car seats and
                  science fair projects
skinned knees and
                  forgotten anniversaries–
But he just smiles wistfully at her
As he leaves,
No goodbyes.
No promises.
He only leaves her
With hope.


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