Things Happen

I fell down. Not literally, of course–just in my posting habit.

I think this month was a bad time to try to accomplish all that I planned. We are moving May 1, and there’s a LOT to do–packing, purging, organizing, planning. Not to mention, the weather has created this rather nauseating pain in my head and it’s been hard to concentrate for the last week. (Here’s hoping the next thunderstorm will clear out all the damn air pressure.)

I have still been writing; I have a couple of poems I am working on, and I have two book reviews in progress. And a great big fat folder of ideas to get my fiction end of things rolling.

After a few days of the Writer’s Digest poetry prompts, I realized they were not really for me. I, being such an awful newbie at this poeming, need a little more structure and direction in my prompts than their one-word offerings. Not that I’m complaining, or suggesting they are bad at prompting. It’s something to aim for next year, when I have a more experience under my belt, and understand my process and my style a bit better. One word options leave me floundering with too many ideas and not enough variety. Every poem started to sound alike and I couldn’t get myself out of the routine. So I’m in search of prompts that will force me out of my comfort zone, to both grow and strengthen my craft.

So never fear, I’m working on it. There just may not be anything new for a couple more weeks.

THEN WATCH OUT WORLD. You won’t be able to shut me up.

Well, unless you duct tape my mouth. That could work.


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