New Project

It is once again time for me to revisit my sorely abandoned blog, and reboot my writing life. This time, with pictures.

Besides finally writing at least two book reviews (BAD Classics Club member), I wanted to come up with a concept that will not only get me writing but will get me looking at my day-to-day life in new ways.

TA-DA! Hello Chicago!

There’s been a semi-recent move to the big city of Chicago, and I’ve found no end to interesting people, structures, and objects everywhere. So starting today, I’m beginning a new project: every day, find something that piques my creativity, photograph it, and write about it. I don’t have to write a huge piece, but it can be anything — a short story, a poem, a journal entry, or just a full-bodied description. A few lines is enough.

Just has to be something to work that creativity muscle that’s getting as flabby as the rest of me. (Totally different subject, but also a new project — how long can I go without gluten? Only time will tell…)

As for the image, it can also be anything; someone with a fascinating face I see on the subway, an interesting pattern left behind in my soup bowl after lunch, my cat with a weird expression on her face, etc., etc. Whatever strikes my fancy that day.

The big question — can I keep this up every day?

It’s worth a shot.


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