Day 2 – You Are Beautiful

Standing on the train platform today during my morning commute, seconds before the train came roaring to a halt in front of me, I glanced at the big green box to my left to find a shiny sticker telling the world, “you are beautiful.” I snapped the photo just in time.


Using an article in the Tribune about last weekend’s Pride Parade, I thought I would try my hand at the first draft of an almost-kinda-sorta-not-strictly erasure poem (moved a word here or there, changed a verb tense):

You Are Beautiful

Rainbow colors danced,
Reason cheering without worrying,
Recognizing everyone knows
The excessive historic past.

To remember
Tutus subdued,
The popular fought back,
Turning, lamenting.

Enjoy our world;
An amalgam laying down,
Stopping to explore
What else is possible.


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