What Do You Write?

While having a conversation with a woman at a party recently, she started telling me about an education book idea she had and wanted to write eventually. I mentioned that, even with only an outline of a nonfiction work, she could probably start putting out feelers to agents and publishers now and gauge if there … More What Do You Write?

Book Review: THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP by John Irving

7 OUT OF 10 About two-thirds of the way through The World According to Garp, I was bored. My review was already being written, calling it overindulgent, the creation of a writer more in love with his ability to think of quirky situations that to write a really compelling story. And then John Irving threw … More Book Review: THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP by John Irving

Book Review: LETTERS FROM SKYE by Jessica Brockmole

4 OUT OF 10 I had massively massive issues with this book. There are pencil scribblings in the margins of almost every page, frustrated and annoyed with the characters and their motivations (or lack thereof). Letters from Skye is a novel told entirely in letters, alternating chapters between two generations. It begins with a fan … More Book Review: LETTERS FROM SKYE by Jessica Brockmole

Things Happen

I fell down. Not literally, of course–just in my posting habit. I think this month was a bad time to try to accomplish all that I planned. We are moving May 1, and there’s a LOT to do–packing, purging, organizing, planning. Not to mention, the weather has created this rather nauseating pain in my head … More Things Happen

Day 3–Maybe

The theme of the third day of the Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge is “tentative”. We are told to write a tentative poem: “The poem could be about a tentative date, a tentative person, a tentative situation. The narrator could be tentative. The subject could be tentative.” I started by looking up synonyms for the word … More Day 3–Maybe